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Company Branding

We untangle the byzantine knots of difficult branding & design decisions.
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Website Design

We navigate through the rocky waters of building and designing websites.
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Web Development

We plan, prototype and build the flagship product for your company.
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Digital Marketing

We sail the seven seas of online promotional campaigns, together.
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Landing Pages

We raise the mainsail of your company or product for everyone to see.
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Graphic Design

We create a map of your product for the target audience to follow.
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What our clients say

I want to thank the team for the excellent work done.
We really like the fact that after the development of the site, you have not left us,
and constantly advise and help in the management of the site.

Brandon Leske General Contractor / Hybrid Construction LLC

I think they read my mind while doing my site.
All exactly as I expected.

Jeremy Parker Fitness 360 / Owner

Only good impression.
It has been a pleasure working with them creating the social network for my company and even some more things.

Theomese StCyr Fonder / My World Connection
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Website development

Website development

Creation of sites today is not a luxury, but a commodity. It's a calling card of your business, making it more profitable. The first and most responsible step in creating your site is finding a team of experienced programmers and designers who know what they're doing.

Intership comes with a veteran crew of competent, highly qualified specialists. We're proud of every website we create and prepare for its journey on the seas of the internet.

Cost of site creation

The most frequently asked questions we get are around the cost of creating a website. The minimum cost of the site is ballpark $600, however everything depends on your goals and your budget. We worked on websites that went into the tens of thousands as well as those that never left three digits. To get a better idea of how much creating a website costs, Get a Quote here

Create a one page site

One page sites include only one page combines all the important information, often including a number of selected sections. Such a site has its own number of advantages for its visitors, such as:

  • Easy to navigate the site and search
  • Getting attention of the visitor within 30 seconds
  • Instant answers to all questions
  • Ease of maintenance, practically no upkeep on that ship.

The good news is, we build these small vessels every day. You can calculate the cost of creating a one-page website by filling out the application form here.

Create a site from scratch

Creating a website from scratch is a bit of a misleading term, we at Intership know that it always happens with particular frameworks, CMS systems and so on. Think of these as blueprints, you always want the right blueprint for the right vessel. With any type of site, contact us if you are uncertain - we can discuss the most effective way of working on your project. Not all sites are created equal and some need more complex architecture than others. The complexity of the project determines the cost of the site as well as the time-frame.

Creating a website for you business

When creating a website for your business, our veteran crew handles all the important tasks, such as:

  • Analysis. We explore your business, analyze the advantages of competitors and develop the prototypes of the site.
  • Develop unique design. We blueprint and design the site mockups, taking into account all your wishes and all trends in the field of web design.
  • Program modules. Our specialists install and configure the software modules required for optimized and correct operation of your site.
  • Content. Next, we fill the site with up-to-date information about your company's activities.
  • Testing is the final and most important. We check the site in all browsers, catch and fix possible inaccuracies.
  • Support & maintenance are guaranteed from there on - we're always by your side.

Creating websites

The main stages of creating a website:

  • Interview. We take into account your preferences and find out the necessary information for creating a website design.
  • Analyzing received information and outlining the work required in creation of the site.
  • Developing and creating individual design of your site.
  • Programming.
  • Testing.

The cost of the site creation is determined by the amount of hours our crew spent on building it.

Creation and development of sites

The process of creating and developing web sites can be really complex: from gathering the necessary information to creating the site itself. Fundamentals are the same everywhere, though - here they are:

  • Collecting information; research.
  • Planning and prototyping.
  • Design mockups.
  • Software architecture and development
  • Testing and delivery.
  • Maintenance and service.

The cost of development depends on the amount of work required.

Creation and promotion of the site

The site is created in several stages, which include:
  • Interview with the customer about the project.
  • Preparation of a technical assignment for the development of the site.
  • Develop a design based on your preferences.
  • Website development by our specialists.
  • Testing the project, taking into account the customer's changes.
Promotion of a site, first of all, is its advertising, including constant investments. The minimum period for website promotion will be three months, after which the customer will be able to see how his site rises in the search engines, as well as the growth of his rating will become noticeable. The cost of website promotion is calculated depending on the key customer requests that the site has moved on.

Creation of a business card site

The creation of a business card site takes place in only a few stages:

  • Development of the layout. Our specialist conducts a conversation with the customer to discuss all the details.
  • Layout programming, testing and launch.
  • Content. The site is filled with information about the company, such as contacts, information about activities and so on.