Company Branding

Brands exist to not only sell, but to make impact in the world. Convey your values, make your point, tell a story of your company and product. Whether you want to create something new or revise something from the past — you and your customers deserve the best crew on the job.

At Intership we take every project that docks in our port with individual care and attention. Our goal is to prepare the ship of your company for the open seas of the market and we do a damn fine job! With us you get:

Veteran Crew

Only seasoned veterans of branding & storytelling work on your project. We know it’s important, so we enlist our best for the job.

We’re Hands-on

You get a full set of guiding visual principles to represent your company. We outline exactly where to apply leverage to get market results.

Proactive Approach

Direct, consistent communication is crucial. We update you about our progress every workday. Yes, everyone says that. We do it.

Branding a lot like working with boating knots:

Understand the technique


Do Market Research

Know the application


Create a Concept

Practice regularly


Shape the Drafts

Make something beautiful


Smooth Sailing!