Digital Marketing

No company can avoid the digital space; it’s become the environment we all navigate in. Some of us became good enough at this kind of navigation to grow and generate income. We went further and made our entire business into helping others set sail in the digital ocean.

There are lots of approaches to marketing online. Like with any tools, you don’t use a sailing knife to fix the mast. Just like you don’t advertise complex software architectures on Snapchat. At Intership we:

Understand Demographics

Who are we looking to target and what are they looking for? This will always be the first question we need to figure out, so come prepared.

Do What Works

We aren’t trying to sell any marketing tricks and techniques. The bells and whistles changed over time, but people still respond to the same incentives.

Course Correct

Results are what matters and statistics is what reflects them. We’ll communicate and clearly define when to take risks and when to stick to the plan.

Digital Marketing is a lot like Sailing. You have to have these things down:

Terminology & Physics


Economics & Statistics



Marketing Facets

Steering the Boat


Adapting the Campaign



Otherwise, why do it?