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One page will increase your earnings by 253%!

In the Internet environment, the development of landing pages is gaining more and more popularity, which is fully justified by their modern selling component, which makes it possible to increase the site conversion several times and increase the flow of customers.

In essence, a landing page (Dubai) is a website page that a user comes to first of all after clicking on an advertisement or via a direct link. A special feature of this option is a call to action, backed up by targeted information — i.e. the client sees only a well-submitted text, without unnecessary «husk». Considering that an ordinary user literally needs 3-4 seconds to figure out whether a site is interesting or not, this feature becomes the key to achieving the success of your business — the more a visitor spends time on your site, the greater the chance that he will purchase your product or service.

We suggest you create a landing page that will have the following advantages:

Unique design. Our development team will create for you an individual style that fully reflects the essence of your business according to your wishes and requirements. As a rule, one very long page is drawn which has several informative blocks — their number is regulated by you and the information you want to convey to the client. However, if you wish, other pages can be added.

Control system. For proper operation of all site structures and changes in their appearance or functionality, a management system, or CMS, is used. Competent design landing page will provide you with easy download and update photos and text materials. We use the most popular and convenient CMS Joomla system of the last generation.

Cross-browser compatibility and adaptability. Each person uses different types of browsers, which have their own characteristics of displaying information and even the page format. We will make sure that the creation of the landing page will provide the same reflection in all browsers. If necessary, you can also order an adaptive version that allows you to work with the site from mobile devices — it is much cheaper than developing a separate mobile site.

Comprehensive testing. We do not hand over the work done to operation until we check everything «from and to». Our team will check the finished site for the validity of the layout, correct operation and compliance with the terms of reference.

Training and assistance. After the site has successfully passed all the tests, the creation of landing pages is complete, but our interaction with the customer is just beginning — we help each client to understand the essence of resource management, suggest and direct. In other words, you get not only a powerful sales tool, but also learn to use it with maximum efficiency.

We know that you are impressed with the way we work. But let’s strengthen this impression, and let’s say a few words about the features of the site’s functionality:

No restrictions. You will not have the upper limit on the use of memory capacity — you can expand and supplement content indefinitely, the free space will not end.

Complete statistics. We attach to your site a very convenient script that allows you to see who visited your resource and when. The principle of operation is similar to Google Analytics, but it works much faster and has an improved interface.

Stock counter. One of the most effective options that pushes the customer to make a purchase is the stock counter — you can place it on any part of the page, thereby increasing the conversion several times.

Subscribe and come. 2 very handy widgets — the first one allows you to easily subscribe and implement it in a given time period, and the second widget is a scalable Yandex or Google map (optional), allowing the client to quickly navigate the location of your office, warehouse, etc.

Be always in touch. Creating a landing page is already half the battle, but one small detail still remains — to enable clients to receive information from you, not only through distribution, but also when you personally contact a consultant. For this purpose, and there is a feedback form — the client will be able to state his question, make a proposal for cooperation or clarify the details that interest him. When you connect the feedback form complete with online chat gives an excellent result, because the client feels that his questions are treated with attention.

Call and leave a review. Do not underestimate the book reviews — the client often wants to express their opinion about the company, so why not give it a chance? .. In addition, you can show your attention by using the script «Callback» — after pressing the appropriate button, an automatic call occurs to the number indicated by the client by the first free operator.

We have listed only the main advantages, which will give you the development of landing pages in the event that you order it from us.

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