Landing Pages

Visitors need to know exactly what you offer, why it’s good for them and how they can get it. Failure to answer any of those three questions always signals people to keep searching for a safe harbor elsewhere. Our job is to make sure your harbor is the safest one out there.

There is a lot of mysticism around landing pages and their creation. At Intership we aim to dispel as much of that as possible and center all our decisions around a few core principles:


Marketing is data-driven. Which means we only use what works and measure all the activity on the page to maximize results.


Some techniques work better on some demographics than others. We have to know our visitors and make sure they get what they want.


We clearly discuss the goals of a given page and set up expectations for how it should work. Then send the needed message to the right audience.

Building Landing Pages is a lot like raising the mainsail. You have to:

Tighten the shackle


Outline the Target

Release the main sheet


Sketch the Wireframes

Pull the halyard


Program the Page

Set sail!