Logo development

A landmark event: the development of a corporate logo

Sometimes, looking at a small icon with a simple pattern, we get a lot of information telling us about the company’s focus, its prestige and fame. Why all? Only for the reason that at one time the master of logos worked, and created this seemingly simple icon.

Every self-respecting company seeks to create a company logo that will be recognizable by a large number of customers. It is noteworthy that the development of logos requires not only design skills, but also the efforts of marketers. After all, even a small but memorable symbol of your company, associated with customers with reliability and quality, can force them to make a purchase. You just need to know exactly which logo design is right for your company!

How to create a corporate logo?

When a client comes to us, we don’t immediately open design programs. Initially, you need to understand the essence of the business, its features, features that distinguish it from hundreds of other companies. We work according to a proven plan that brings the best result:

Meeting with the client. At the first meeting, we receive introductory information, which allows us to understand in which direction the creation of logos will move.

Drafting of technical specifications. Even if you have to create your logo with a size of 2×2 cm, we still make up the TK for the designer and marketer. The list of requirements includes the definition of the target audience, the most advantageous color combination, actual symbols and the development of a unique combination of all these nuances.

Create multiple options. We provide more than one logo to the client — creating several different options is not a problem for us, so you can always choose the most suitable one.

Approval and adaptation. Creating a logo for a site is the biggest job, but the final stage is also required, at which we scale the image, adjust it to different pages and display options.

If you want the development of a corporate logo to be completed successfully, please contact us. We know all the components of success — a properly drawn up technical task, a creative flight of thought by a designer and in-depth market research by a marketer.

Your logo for the site will speak for you, attracting customers by your appearance alone!