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We know how to create your Klondike profit! Create an online store from scratch!

It is difficult to find a person who would not understand that creating an online store site is not a whim or a fad, but a first step on the path of success and prosperity of the business. The World Wide Web allows you to reach a fairly wide audience, and the professional creation of an online store, in which you can always offer your products and services to customers, will be made of a random visitor to a loyal customer.

The number of users, and most importantly — active buyers making purchases through the Internet, has increased over the last year by 65%. As the audience grows, so does the competition, because demand always creates supply. And if you want your “offer” to be relevant, you need not only to open your online store, but also to do it as correctly as possible — with the highest quality at each of the stages of development, formation and consulting of your “gold mine”.

The principles of our company:

Solid team of professionals who individually work on your site. We do not scatter resources — we direct our energy, experience and knowledge to implement the project, creating a truly powerful tool to attract customers and increase sales by 235%.

Thoughtful and proven 1000 times development plan. Each stage has its own characteristics and without proper planning you will not get a quality result. Creating an online store is carried out in record time, precisely because we carefully think through each step at the planning stage.

Polyfunctional and responsive design. Creating online shopping sites involves working on different platforms, including Android and iOS — the only way you will get the maximum coverage of Central Asia.

Preparing for SEO optimization and promotion. Competent internal optimization allows you to significantly save the budget in the subsequent promotion of the online store.

We will provide you with not only a thorough study of every detail, but also create a unique design — online stores that have an original design that works to increase conversion, not so much. And only we know how to make each button on the site, the color scheme and functionality of the site represent a single and harmonious structure.

Do you want to order an online store that works at full strength, attracting more and more customers, and making them loyal customers?

Do you really want a powerful tool for your business?

You know our address.

We know how to make a real gold mine out of an online store, several times larger than the legendary Klondike!

To create an online store that will work like a Swiss watch, and differ in similar reliability, it is not enough just to say: “Buy an online store”, Ukraine provides many chances for development, but only with a competent approach you can fully realize the potential in the chosen direction of trade or the provision of services. Therefore, it is very important to observe the main stages of the project:

Planning. Our team gets to know your business and your chosen field of commerce. This is necessary in order to clearly define the tasks that need to be translated into reality in the shortest possible time with the greatest efficiency and monetary return. It will take several meetings with the manager to outline the development path, determine what the development price will be for the online store, how long it will take, etc.

Formation of technical specifications. After the manager has penetrated into all the details, and the work contract is already signed, a technical team is created for the team who will be in charge of your project. The finished package of documents must be transferred to the customer — the client must confirm or make corrections.

Virtualize your idea. A “naked” idea costs nothing — it needs to be properly implemented, in our case, virtualized. Therefore, the first thing we do is work through the architecture of the pages, carefully specifying usability — the functionality should be intuitive and attract the attention of customers. The designer will surely offer several design options, among which the customer selects what he likes most.

Check and test quality. After the software component and the design project are combined into one, we place the site on the selected domain and help to understand the principles of administration and configuration options. At this stage, extensive testing is carried out to identify errors or inconsistencies, if any.

Promotion and development. The main part is finished, and the most interesting begins — you need to bring customers to your site. A powerful tool, which is an online store, without buyers — only a beautiful shell that does not bring profit. Promotion of online stores is a time-consuming task, which only true professionals can do.

If you want to develop websites in Dubai as quickly as possible with the highest quality at all stages — creating the layout, software, design component and effective promotion — order the project from us!

Create a personal golden Klondike that will work while you relax!