Site support

You have created a site in 7 days. Can you support him?

We all want to achieve the heights of Olympus success, and create something really great. And you, like God, created a website in 7 days (with our help, of course!), But in order for your creation to gain strength, it must be supported and directed.

The site is your personal success that brought you to the top of success. But in order to stay there, it is necessary to constantly improve, eliminate the possibility of error, and throw all our strength on active development. In this case, you will help the integrated development of the site, involving:

Support by phone. Communication with customers, answers to questions that they could not or did not want to find in section F.A.Q. Invariably polite managers and the ability to make contact with any client.

Site maintenance. It requires the work of a programmer, designer and copywriter — these are three key figures that will not allow to interrupt the information flow that fills your site.

Advertising support. How do people find out about your product or service if you don’t advertise it? It offers a qualified marketer who knows a lot of advertising techniques aimed at increasing sales and customer interest.

Error correction. Mistakes happen in any job, and our task is to help you correct them and minimize losses from the consequences. We professionally solve any technical problem!

By entering into a site maintenance contract with us, you get round-the-clock support from professionals who can not only correct mistakes, but also direct the site in the right direction. We develop a strategy, a business plan that makes website maintenance as efficient and productive as possible.

On the maintenance of the site price depends on what range of work you want to get. As a rule, technical support is chosen as the minimum option for checking and maintaining the resource in working condition in terms of software. In some cases, the maintenance of the Internet site is to recover from a failure or attack — we will quickly correct the situation, and before it can seriously affect the success of your business.

Call us and get comprehensive service from real professionals!