Website Design

Websites are a necessity now, not a luxury. Standard template pages ain’t gonna cut it anymore. Statistics show: visitors decide whether to do business within the first minute of looking at the website. Salty Dogs from Intership know how to get the maximum out of this time.

We know how to ride the waves. We aim to create the right design choices that fit the time and the market perfectly. Get on board and sail with us! You will see:

Iron Discipline

We always stick to deadlines and our word is solid. Any good crew knows that pulling their weight is the only way to stay afloat.


We know how to do our thing and we can tell what works from what doesn’t. We are honest about our process and address all questions upfront.

Tough Love

We welcome and appreciate your ideas, and respect you enough to push back when necessary. We’re frank about our expert opinions.

Website design is a lot like navigation at sea:

Plan the Voyage


Research the market

Plot the Course


Create the prototypes

Get Moving


Design the wireframes

Arrive to Point of Destination


Get a Professional Website